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CRUNCH TIME February 26, 2010

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‘I think Daddy needs a crunch,’ shouted my youngest daughter, banging on the door of the bathroom.

Can I never have a shower in peace? Honestly, I waited until my husband was home from work, got all four kids a biscuit and plonked them in front of the TV in the hopes of having five minutes of indulgent shower time! Does that make me sound really sad?? What has my life come to when the highlight of my day is a good scrub instead of just a ‘lick and spit’??

Anyway, back to my husband’s apparant need for a ‘crunch’. ‘Tell him to get it himself,’ I shouted back to my daughter. Imagine sending her up to me to look for chocolate. Honestly!

Try as I might. I just couldn’t get back into the mood of the shower. The spell had been broken and I was now just standing in a small shower cubicle and not under a blasting waterfall while basking in the Caribbean’s delicious sunshine! Ah well, such is life.

Back downstairs, I was ready to give my husband a piece of my mind. Sure enough, he was sprawled on the couch, remote control in hand but I was taken aback by the look on his face.

‘God Maria, what took you so long. I can’t get up off the couch!’

I followed his gaze to his leg, where a lump the size of a small rabbit had appeared. He’d gotten a bang in football the night before but hadn’t realised it was so bad.

So anyway, it’s just after eleven o’clock on Friday morning and my husband is nicely tucked up in bed following a visit to A & E. He’s now in possession of, not one, but two ‘crunches’ to get him around!

I’d love to stay and chat more but duty calls… ‘Yes, darling… I’m on my way… would you like a biscuit with that?’ Grrrrr!

Maria x


MONDAY BLUES February 22, 2010

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Oh how I hate Sunday nights. It’s a shame really. Sunday night is actually a nice night in itself, but it’s the anticipation of Monday that ruins it for me.

Now the mornings aren’t too bad really. Once I untangle myself from the oh so snug duvet and throw some cold water on my face, I usually manage to muddle through. It’s only really an hour of madness of ‘Mom, can I have cheese instead of ham’, ‘Mom, where’s my dancing shoes?’, ‘Mom, is my uniform still in the laundry basket?’, ‘Mom, I need a white hairband and green skirt for my show in school today!’ That last one is a killer. I mean, where does my daughter think I’m going to produce these things from? They obviously think I have an ‘everything tree’ outside in the garden and all I have to do is go and pick whatever they need from it!

The few hours from twenty past nine until two o’clock is wonderful. Don’t get me wrong; I love my children dearly and wouldn’t be without them, but I don’t mind suffering it for a few hours – for the sake of their education of course.

But back to Mondays. At half past one, I stick my brain into autodrive and let the afternoon fun begin. At two, I pick up my son from school then at three I take him with me to collect my daughter from school. I take her to stage school for half three and go to pick up my older son from school at four. I then collect the aforementioned daughter from stage school at half five and bring my older daughter to piano for a quarter to six. I pick her up at a quarter past six and drop my older son off to piano at the same time. I drop the older daughter to stage school for half six then rush back to collect son from piano for quarter to seven. If I remember, I go and pick up my daughter from stage school at nine. Believe me, I’ve forgotten one or more of those pick ups on more than one occasion! Now I know I’m in the fortunate position of being a stay at home mom so all this running around is possible, but I just felt like having a little moan about it anyway.

It’s one o’clock Monday morning now and I’m wondering if I should do some more writing, watch some TV or go to bed. Why is it that I never want to go to bed when I should (like right now) but never want to get out of it when I should either? Back in the days of crying babies I could only dream of being able to go to bed and sleep, but now that I can go and sleep through the night, it seems like such a waste. But my black shadowed eyes are just about hanging in there so I think I’ll take the bed option. Nighty night.

Maria x


SEALED WITH KISS February 18, 2010

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I’m beginning to think I have OCD. It all started this morning when I finally got my manuscript together to send to a publisher. It’s been two years in the making so I actually felt quite tearful when I put everything into the envelope.

So then all I had to do was go down to the post office, buy the stamps and put it in the post. Simple, isn’t it? That’s what I thought.

Well I made my list and I checked it twice, three times, four times…! I made sure I had everything that was required before sealing the envelope. As I was about to leave the house, I began to think that maybe I’d forgotten to put my contact details on the letter. I thought I’d better open it to check. Of course I’d put my contact details on it! I’d ripped the envelope in my efforts to carefully open it so I addressed another, sealed it and managed to get as far as the car. Uh oh! Maybe I hadn’t signed the letter, I thought. It would be rude to send out an unsigned submission. Hmmm! I’d better just check to be sure. Of course I’d signed the bloomin’ letter!

With my third envelope in hand, I headed off to the post office, feeling sure everything was perfect. But what about numbering the pages? I seemed to remember losing the numbers on the pages the last time I cut and pasted a section of the manuscript. Yikes! That wouldn’t do. I really should check. Of course they were numbered! This time I’d managed to open the envelope without tearing it so I just popped everything back into the same package. ‘This is it’, I said to my six year old son, as I handed the envelope to the girl behind the glass screen.

‘Wait, mommy,’ he cried. ‘You’ve got to get it back. It’s wrong.’

‘No, it’s fine now,’ I said to him, realising he’d been witness to my insanity all morning.

‘But mommy, we forgot something.’

The girl, hearing the exchange, handed the envelope back out to me to see if I needed to check it.

‘There, it’s ready now,’ said my little angel, as he placed a kiss on the envelope.

My heart melted. Let’s hope his kiss brings me luck.

Maria x


THE TIME THIEF February 11, 2010

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Call the police.  Somebody has just stolen the last three hours and I’ve only just noticed!  Holy bananas!  Where does the time go?  I promised myself I’d be in bed at 10pm tonight and it’s almost 1am already!

Anyway, enough moaning.  Who cares if I don’t get enough sleep.  I’ll just take it out on my long-suffering husband tomorrow.  I’m sure I’ll find a towel on the floor or an unflushed toilet – something worthy of a little vent!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a mom to four beautiful children.  I turned 39 just over a year ago (can’t say the ‘f’ word yet!) and decided it was about time I got a bit more serious about writing.  I sat at my computer one day and stared at the screen for about an hour.  Then I began to write… and write… and write.  Gosh, what a wonderful world I discovered.  I’ve always loved words but I never realised I had so many of them in my head just waiting to burst forth!

Now funnily enough, I thought writing was just about writing until, one day, a certain person who shall remain nameless (buy you know who you are Vanessa!) told me I should get connected.  Connected??  Imagine my shock when I realised that my laptop wasn’t just an electric typewriter.  It actually had other uses!

So the wonderful world of Facebook and Twitter was opened up to me and I’ve barely slept since!  This evening I decided I should have a blog.  Of course, since I’m now a computer genius, it would be no trouble for me to set up myself.  Right?  Wrong!  Hence the three robbed hours I referred to earlier on!

Thankfully, I’m sort of up and running here.  I’ve a lot more work to do to make it presentable but I just thought I’d make a start and say hello.  So hello everyone.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading my ramblings.  I’ll try write the next one at a decent hour of the day so that I might make more sense!

Maria x