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There’s a woman who came into my life two years ago, when my head was bursting with words and I didn’t know what to do with them. This woman turned my life around by pointing me in the right direction and helping to make me a better writer. I now have one book with publishers and books two and three in the making.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m speaking of Vanessa O’Loughlin from Inkwell. Not only did she help me with the writing side of things but she also made me believe in myself, something I hope will get me where I want to be.

So after a pep talk from her last night when I was feeling a bit down, I decided to turn my pen to one of my other loves – writing children’s poetry. For after all, Vanessa is truly my Fairy God-mother. So this is for Vanessa and all her fairy followers throughout the land. I hope you all enjoy.


In Fairyland enchanted lived
a much loved fairy ruler.
She loved to think of clever ways
to make the kingdom cooler.

Despite the coloured rainbow slides,
and clouds made out of fluff,
she promised all her fairies she’d
invent more thrilling stuff.

“Why don’t we try to write,” she said.
“We’ve lots of tales to tell.
We’ll take the writing world by storm;
our words we’ll duly sell.”

Now Fairy Queen Vanessa was
determined to succeed.
She’d take her fairies all in hand;
with knowledge she would lead.

With pen and paper standing by,
(some even had computers!),
they concentrated really hard,
ignoring kids and suitors.

Those fairies worked so tirelessly;
a blog, a poem, a novel.
They’d aim at publication while
attempting not to grovel!

Now Queen Vanessa soon produced
some real amazing writing.
And agents flocked to see her work.
She found it so exciting.

Alas she felt she’d need to help
each fairy with their task.
And always ready with advice;
they’d only have to ask.

She held amazing workshops where
all fairies came together.
They’d travel from around the land,
regardless of the weather.

She found the best of teachers who
would help them cut and edit.
Her time she shared so selflessly;
you have to give her credit!

Those fairies all produced fine books;
Vanessa was delighted.
She reeled the agents in to look;
the fairies were excited.

She gave her time so willingly
and never once complained.
The other fairies hailed her for
the knowledge that they gained.

While helping everybody to
become the very best,
some agents came to see her work
and really were impressed.

They took her on immediately,
amazed at her ability.
And never doubted even once
her boundless capability.

So Fairy Queen Vanessa who
had made the kingdom brighter,
was hailed across Enchanted Land
as Queen Supreme Crime Writer!

* * * * *

Maria xxx


HORMONE HELL! March 29, 2010

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Help! Somebody has robbed two of my little children and replaced them with hormonally charged, moody, mini adults!

Remind me again; was it me who said I couldn’t wait for the children to get older? Did I say that I thought life would be easier when the children were of an age where I could discuss things with them reasonably? Hmmm! I take it all back.

When I had four children under the age of six, I found life very tough. I never had a minute to myself and the weeks went by in a haze of nappies and sleepless nights. I seem to remember somebody (hello Denyse) saying to me that I was lucky that the children were still so young. Easy for her to say, I thought to myself. Her three were borderline teenagers and, in my eyes, her life was good.

It’s only now as my two eldest are bursting into their teenage years that I’m beginning to understand what she meant. Reason with a teenager?? You must be joking. It’s easier to reason with a two year old. All I seem to get these days is ‘but why can’t I…’ or ‘everyone else is going…’ or just plain ‘tut!’ Now I know that all the good books say that we should ignore their moods to a certain extent. But it’s very difficult to bite your tongue when a simple request is met with eye rolling and tsk tsking.

The other thing is that it’s so difficult for my beloved and I to get any time together alone. Gone are the days when all four children would be tucked up in bed at eight o’clock and we could open a bottle of wine (not that we’d do that often of course!) and sit and have a nice chat in peace. It seems that they all now want to claim some sort of seniority in the house; the eight year old wants to go to bed later than the six year old, the twelve year old later than the eight year old and the thirteen year old later again. If I give in to these demands, either I’m putting the six year old to bed at six or the thirteen year old at midnight!

Then just when I thought I was coming to terms with how things are now, somebody comes up with a beauty; ‘Ah sure it’ll get worse as they get older!’ Thanks for that! Apparently, the sleepless nights will start all over again when I’m waiting up for them to get home, I’ll never have a thing in my fridge because they’ll bring six friends home with them who’ll eat me out of house and home and they’ll ask me every day to go out to the garden and pick them some notes off the money tree I have growing outside!

The truth is, nobody forced me into this mothering job. I went into it with my eyes wide open but the trouble is, each time I blink, they’re another year older. Being a parent is certainly a challenge but a rewarding one. I know I moan about it but I wouldn’t change anything for the world. I’ll get through the awkward years – after all, my parents got through it with me and I can tell you, it wasn’t easy. I hope and pray my children realise I’m muddling through as best I can and that I love them completely and unconditionally no matter what.

Maria xx


FOR MY CHILDREN March 17, 2010

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Looking at my beautiful children’s faces today as they watched the parade, I was overcome with love and pride. How lucky am I to have four healthy, happy children. To mark the Irishness of the day and to bring a smile to their faces, I wrote this poem for them.


An imp called Lenny leprechaun from Ballybackward town
was mischievous and naughty how he made the town-folk frown.
He’d steal things from their window sills and trample on their plants.
He’d mix things on their washing lines, like swapping skirts for pants!

One day when Mrs Grumblebum was walking down the street,
he threw a large banana skin right underneath her feet.
She skidded and she slid a lot, her legs went skyward bound,
and ended up a sorry mess, a heap upon the ground.

Another day a poor old man called Mr Weedalot,
while working in his garden soon became so very hot.
He stopped to mop his brow and leaned against the garden shed,
when naughty Lenny threw a pail of water o’er his head!

When Mrs Winkle fell asleep reclining on her chair,
she didn’t have a clue that Lenny Leprechaun was there.
He tied together laces on the shiny shoes she wore,
so when she jumped up suddenly she fell back on the floor!

The town-folk called a meeting just to see what could be done
to teach that imp a lesson ‘cos his tricks were just no fun.
Decided to ignore him when they’d see him ‘round the town,
So maybe he would stop behaving like a circus clown.

‘Hello,’ said Lenny happily, while passing Doctor Ping.
The doctor just ignored him, didn’t even say a thing.
‘Nice day,’ sang out the little imp to Mrs Buttercup.
He realised by her response that something bad was up.

By Saturday the little imp was feeling really sad,
when nobody would talk to him because he was so bad.
He soon began to realise the need to make amends
‘cos his tomfoolery was not endearing to his friends.

So now our Lenny’s turned a leaf and helps around the town.
He shops for Widow Peggyleg and cleans for Mrs Brown.
For Mr Limpalot he walks the dogs and cleans the car,
and everybody loves him now, the best town imp by far!

* * *

Hope all you big kids out there enjoyed it too.

Maria xx



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Laid Back Literary Ladies

Thanks Barbara for the lovely badge.

Maria x


MY FANTASTIC FOUR March 14, 2010

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Could my life get any better? I’m lying in bed with a good book and my four little angels fussing around me as though I was centre of the universe.

I’ve been so busy lately and sometimes feel guilty that I’m not giving my children the time they deserve. I worry that they’ll resent the fact that I have my head in the computer a lot of the time instead of sitting or playing with them.

But our children offer us unconditional love. They may be little but they seem to understand the pulls of modern day life. I’m not saying it’s an excuse for spreading myself so thin, because it’s not. When my children burst into my room this morning, I vowed I’d do my utmost to spend more time with them. Here’s what happened:


A bang, a crash, another smash,
I try to close my ears.
A scream, a cry, I heave a sigh.
Chaotic, it appears.

I’d love to sneak and take a peek,
but I’ve been warned to stay
tucked up in bed, and read instead,
and celebrate my day.

Then feigning sleep, I hear them creep
to give me their surprise.
They all burst in, with silly grins,
a sight for my sore eyes.

There’s soggy bread, with loads of spread
and coffee that’s too sweet.
There’s chocolate drops (called coco-pops),
to make the feast complete.

Oh what a sight, my pure delight,
I don’t know what to say.
My precious four, whom I adore
shout ‘Happy Mother’s Day.’

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mammys out there.

Maria xx


EQUALITY FOR MUMS! March 3, 2010

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You might want to log out of this now if you have an aversion to moans! Otherwise, read on. But I’m warning you, I need loads of sympathy – you know the type; ‘you poor thing’ or ‘God love you’ – anything that will increase my self-indulgent wallowing!

So here’s the thing! I’m sick. Not just ‘cough cough’ sick but ‘flat on my back, temp of 103, dizzy, chest infection, ear infection, sinus infection’ kind of sick! What I want to know is; where do I ring in sick to? Can anyone tell me that because I can’t seem to get through to anyone!

To bring you back to last friday, my husband had a leg injury. Well I won’t go into the details but suffice it to say it was sore, he went to bed, I looked after him. Breakfast in bed, lunch in bed, coffee in bed, magazines, tv remote control – anything to make his life more comfortable.

Anyway, he went back to work yesterday and I got sick! This morning I could hardly lift my head off the pillow I was feeling so bad. I turned to ask my husband if he could stay a little longer to help organise the children when I heard a ‘bye love, I’m off’ and he was gone! I dragged my aching body out of bed and got the four children up. I won’t bore you with the details of the next hour but you know how it goes; make breakfasts, pack lunches, empty dishwasher, load dishwasher, etc, etc. My only saving grace was one of the school Mums offering to come and bring my youngest to school. The others all walked so she was my fairy godmother.

Now why can’t life be as simple for me as it is for my husband? Don’t get me wrong – he’s a great Dad and husband and does loads around the house, but the fact remains that he goes to work and no matter how sick I am, I still have to do my job at home! Us Mums should have understudies who are ready to step into the breach when we’ve been struck down ill. How wonderful would that be? ‘Hello. I’d like to organise for my replacement for today and tomorrow please. My doctor says I’m unfit for duty and should take to my bed for a couple of days.’ If only!!

Anyway, I’m feeling much better after my little rant – well, mentally anyway. Physically, I’m not doing too good. My fairy godmother is arriving again in the morning to take my youngest to school (thanks Caroline) and I’m planning on a nice long morning in bed.

I’ll check in again when my mood has lifted and my rose coloured glasses are placed firmly back on my nose!

Maria xx