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FOR MY CHILDREN March 17, 2010

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Looking at my beautiful children’s faces today as they watched the parade, I was overcome with love and pride. How lucky am I to have four healthy, happy children. To mark the Irishness of the day and to bring a smile to their faces, I wrote this poem for them.


An imp called Lenny leprechaun from Ballybackward town
was mischievous and naughty how he made the town-folk frown.
He’d steal things from their window sills and trample on their plants.
He’d mix things on their washing lines, like swapping skirts for pants!

One day when Mrs Grumblebum was walking down the street,
he threw a large banana skin right underneath her feet.
She skidded and she slid a lot, her legs went skyward bound,
and ended up a sorry mess, a heap upon the ground.

Another day a poor old man called Mr Weedalot,
while working in his garden soon became so very hot.
He stopped to mop his brow and leaned against the garden shed,
when naughty Lenny threw a pail of water o’er his head!

When Mrs Winkle fell asleep reclining on her chair,
she didn’t have a clue that Lenny Leprechaun was there.
He tied together laces on the shiny shoes she wore,
so when she jumped up suddenly she fell back on the floor!

The town-folk called a meeting just to see what could be done
to teach that imp a lesson ‘cos his tricks were just no fun.
Decided to ignore him when they’d see him ‘round the town,
So maybe he would stop behaving like a circus clown.

‘Hello,’ said Lenny happily, while passing Doctor Ping.
The doctor just ignored him, didn’t even say a thing.
‘Nice day,’ sang out the little imp to Mrs Buttercup.
He realised by her response that something bad was up.

By Saturday the little imp was feeling really sad,
when nobody would talk to him because he was so bad.
He soon began to realise the need to make amends
‘cos his tomfoolery was not endearing to his friends.

So now our Lenny’s turned a leaf and helps around the town.
He shops for Widow Peggyleg and cleans for Mrs Brown.
For Mr Limpalot he walks the dogs and cleans the car,
and everybody loves him now, the best town imp by far!

* * *

Hope all you big kids out there enjoyed it too.

Maria xx


9 Responses to “FOR MY CHILDREN”

  1. I love it! You have to start turning your poems into picture books. You’d be so good at it.

  2. SarahSiddons Says:

    lovely & heartfelt poem – I’m hopeless at poetry so you have my complete admiration xxxx

  3. Barbara Says:

    That’s great fun! Can’t do those rhyming poems at all… your kids must love that you can!! Well done

    • writenowmom Says:

      Thanks Barbara. I’ve a huge collection of children’s ones. They love them and are always giving me specific requests about what they want me to write. They make a great audience. M xx

  4. Carmel Says:

    Excellent poem! just read it to my kids and we all love it, get them poems into a book!!

  5. Brenda Says:

    Absolutely loved it Maria, ur a natural..will let my girls have a read tomorrow……im so impressed and know they’ll love it !


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