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I woke at six o’clock on Saturday morning to the sound of drums. Who could possibly be drumming at this time of the morning, I wondered? Have they no consideration for those of us who actually want to sleep? When I managed to make my eyes focus, I glanced up at the skylight above my head and that’s when realisation dawned. There was no drummer – just the persistent sound of torrential rain threatening to come right through the roof!

My heart sank. Typical of my luck! The weather had been glorious for the past two weeks and now, on the day when my daughter was making her First Holy Communion, we get this! It seems Murphy’s Law has no regard for the headless Child of Prague that my mother had positioned so carefully outside the night before. Neither does it care for the decade of the rosary recited by my hopeful daughter!

But we needn’t have worried. (Warning; gushing Mummy alert!) When I’d fixed my daughter’s hair into curls and helped her into her white dress, I realised that she was all the sunshine we needed. Her smile lit up the room, so happy and excited was she to be finally all dressed up and looking like a fairy princess. The weather became insignificant. Our house heaved with happiness until the early hours and I felt really lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful friends and family.

Maria x


8 Responses to “SUNSHINE ON A RAINY DAY!”

  1. She looks lovely! Hope you all had a special day x

  2. janice walsh Says:

    hiya maria she looked gorgeous exactly the way a comunion kid shld and u looked great hope u had a great day

  3. Barbara Says:

    hiya Maria… lovely photo .. you both look gorgeous. Communion and Confirmation in the one year… you must live in one very holy house now!!!!

    Glad you had a lovely day, in spite of the weather!

    • writenowmom Says:

      Ha! We’re certainly being put to the holy test! Thanks for your kind comments,Barbara. It was a great day. All done now for two years when it’s Conor’s turn for Communion! M x

  4. Rachel Says:

    Hi Maria

    Oh my God Enya looks beautiful! She has grown up so much. I am glad I checked thsi our so I could see her photo. You look great yourself too. I am glad you had a great day.


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