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DANCING FAIRY December 13, 2011

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Tonight I’m full of Christmas cheer. The big day is fast approaching and I’m loving the excitement in our house. For me, Christmas is all about children. Earlier, I tweeted one of the children’s poems I’ve written and was overwhelmed by the response. I decided to post another one here. It’s just a bit of fun – my children love them so I hope you’ll enjoy too.


I came into my daughter’s room and sat upon her bed.
‘Oh please don’t read a fairy tale to me tonight,’ she said.

‘But darling, why?’ I asked, ‘I thought you loved this fairy book.
Just cuddle up beside me now and take a little look.’

‘But mummy I just don’t believe in fairies anymore.
You know I’m growing up so fast, I’m eight years old, not four!’

‘Just come with me now darling and I think that you will find
that what you are about to see will make you change your mind.’

We tip-toed to the garden where a moon-beam marked the place
where scenes of utter magic brought amazement to her face:

Dainty elfin dance delight
Acrobatic toes in flight
Nipping here and flapping there
Chasing starlight everywhere
Iridescent precious wings
Nestled in their fairy rings
Glist’ning magic wand in hand
Flutter fairy midnight band
Air infused with moonlight beam
Illustrating dancing dream
Ready now to go to bed
Yawns from fairy sleepy head

My little girl all tucked in tight so happy she’d not missed
the wonder in our garden proving fairies do exist!

Maria x


One Response to “DANCING FAIRY”

  1. Michelle Moloney Says:

    Oh gosh Maria, your poem is magical! I think a kids book is next in line.


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