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One Kind Deed August 29, 2012

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I feel I’ve been blessed in my life with a great family and wonderful friends. I’ve never had to suffer hardship and I thank my lucky stars every day for my four healthy, happy children.

I know some people aren’t as blessed or lucky as I am and although we can’t change the world, I think each of us can make a difference. Sometimes one tiny gesture can mean so much to somebody. When I was thinking about this earlier, I threw out an idea to my Twitter friends and, within minutes, I was bombarded with positive, enthusiastic replies. Here’s what I was thinking:

On Friday next, 31st August, I’m going to try to get as many people as possible to do something kind for somebody. I’m not suggesting you don’t all do kind things every day, but I want to create a feel-good day, where people make an extra-special effort and share with us their act of kindness. Sometimes when we think of doing a kind deed, we think of big things and we always plan on doing them some day. But sometimes little things can be just as effective. It doesn’t matter how big or small the deed is – it could be something as simple as opening a door for someone who has their hands full or letting someone go in front of you in a line if they’re in a hurry.

I’m aiming this day at Twitter, simply because it has such a wide reach, but feel free to spread the word elsewhere. We’re going to use a hashtag #onekinddeed and tweet things throughout the day. Don’t be shy about it – everything counts. Just tweet anything you’ve done during the course of the day or, of course, if someone has done something nice for you!

So come on and join in the fun and let’s spread a bit of positivity!

Friday, 31st August

Tweet #onekinddeed

Tell us something kind you’ve done or that someone did for you. How many kind deeds can we squeeze into a day?

Maria x


A promise of friendship August 25, 2012

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Last night my husband, four children and I spent the night with a friend in Waterford.  It was a lovely night.  We stayed home as our host cooked a delicious meal and the children, both hers and ours, squealed with laughter as they darted around the house playing games.  But there was also a slight tinge of sadness. 

Let me take you back to 1991 and the night I met my husband.  I was with my friends in a nightclub and he was there with his.  I couldn’t help notice him on the dance-floor as both he and his friend were unusually tall and heads above everyone else.  He asked me to dance that night and that’s when it all began.  His friend, I soon learned, was called Brendan and the two were very close.  Fast forward a few years and my soon-to-be husband was best man at Brendan and Marie’s wedding.  Five months later, Brendan was best man at ours. 

The one thing that always sticks out in my head about Brendan’s best-man speech was when he spoke of his friendship with Paddy, my husband, and how he hoped and prayed that both couples would be blessed with children and that they’d also become friends.  The next few years passed in a haze of happiness for us all as we both had two healthy children – a girl and a boy each.  Then shockingly and devastatingly, in November of 1999, tragedy struck and ripped the heart out of us all.  Brendan was heading into his job as a garda one afternoon when he was involved in a horrendous car crash.  I won’t write about any details but he was killed outright.  His daughter was three and a half years old and his son eight months. 

Anyone who’s suffered tragedy in their lives will know how numb it can make you feel.  The few days after the accident were surreal and I remember thinking that if I can feel like this, how must his wife, children, parents, sister and brothers feel?  It was beyond heartbreaking.  His funeral was beautiful and I was very proud of my husband who stood on the alter and gave a eulogy.  It began with: “On this very day six years ago, I stood here at Brendan’s side and watched him beam with happiness as he married the woman he loved…”  Six years to the day.  How things can change in the blink of an eye and so many lives turned upside down.


Fast forward to the present day and my heart soars when I see all our children together and love the fact they get on so well.  I’m sure Brendan was smiling down today, watching them have such a great time – he may have even organised for the ridiculously heavy shower of rain that drowned them all and sent them squealing into the house! 

Brendan lives on in his two children, Jane and Tim, who look so much like him.  But more than that, they’re lovely kids – kind, caring and joy to be around, just like their dad.

Maria x