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Doggie dilemma November 5, 2012

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I may regret saying this, but there’s a possibility that we (my husband and I) may cave in to our children’s pleas and get ourselves another dog. The thought of it fills me with joy, excitement and complete and utter fear. Let me explain the fear bit.

Some years ago, we decided to get a dog. Never having a dog myself, I was shocked and delighted by how he quickly became part of our family. Jeepers came to us as an eight week old pup and grew into a beautiful golden cocker spaniel. We all adored him. He was clever, playful and the gentlest dog you could imagine. Until one day he bit a child. I won’t go into the details because it still makes me sad to think of him, but he was in a situation where he felt cornered and just snapped. We had him examined by behavioural experts and eventually re-homed. Thankfully we didn’t have to put him down, but it didn’t stop us all crying ourselves to sleep for a long time. I never thought I’d feel that way about an animal.

It’s now a couple of years on and we still talk about him and one of my children even has pictures of him on her bedroom wall. My husband and I said at the time that we’d never get another dog but now we find ourselves in a situation where the children are begging to get one. I’m slowly coming around to the idea but my husband still needs some convincing. Here’s an example of the conversation that went on over dinner the other night:

“I want a white, cuddly, fluffy dog,” said Enya. “One that’s little and cute and doesn’t grow big.”

“No way,” said Eoin. “If we get a dog that looks like a rat, don’t expect me to bring it out for walks or anything. I want a big, lively dog.”

Roisin joined in. “I don’t care what type we get – I just want a dog.”

“Well I don’t really care either,” said Conor, “once it’s not one of those you put into handbags and once it’s not bigger than me.”

“Can we get one that doesn’t bite?” asked Enya.

“And one that doesn’t shed?” That was me thinking of my new sofa!

“So who’s going to bring it for walks and clean up after it?” said the voice of reason, my husband. “If we get a dog, I don’t want to be left with all the jobs like I was before.”

There was a few seconds stunned silence. This was the first time he’d shown any interest, albeit a reluctant one, in getting another dog.

Then they all spoke at once. Of course they’d help. They’d all walk the dog and take turns cleaning up. They almost fell off their chairs with enthusiasm and if you were to believe them, they’d be the best dog-owners ever! So anyway, our minds aren’t made up yet (and that translates into ‘we haven’t convinced my husband yet!’) but if we do get a dog, I want it to be the right one for everyone. I’ve been doing some research online, but I know that the best way to get information is from personal recommendation. So anyone who has a dog or knows anything about them, can you please leave a comment below – all advice would be much appreciated. Maria x